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Canine Dental Care

Westchester Veterinary Center provides professional dental treatments for your family pet. Our hospital uses advanced technology to prevent and treat dental disease, which can have a negative impact on your pet’s health if left untreated.

Our Professional Dental Services

At Westchester Veterinary Center, our professional dental cleanings include:

  • A complete dental exam with x-rays
  • Ultrasonic scaling
  • Root planing
  • Polishing

Your dog will be placed under anesthesia during the dental exam and cleaning using all of the safe monitoring techniques for dental procedures that we use in all of our surgeries. Before the dental procedure, we will conduct blood tests to make sure that your dog is healthy enough to receive anesthesia and to determine the amount required for the dental procedure.

To ensure their safety, your dog’s vital signs are tracked by a dedicated technician using a state of the art digital monitoring device throughout the entire procedure. After the procedure, a trained technician will closely monitor your pet to ensure a smooth recovery.

Home Dental Care

Brushing your dog’s teeth on a daily basis will greatly reduce the plaque buildup on their teeth. Plaque is the accumulation of bacteria that can lead to an inflammatory disease called periodontitis. Eventually, periodontitis affects the structure that supports the teeth and will cause oral pain and chronic infections. When left untreated, it will loosen and destroy the tooth and can lead to bone loss.

Brushing your dog’s teeth at home is a highly effective way to remove plaque from their teeth. During your dog’s next wellness or dental exam, our staff can help you learn how to properly care for your dog’s teeth at home. If you have any questions on how to brush your pet’s teeth, you can also call our office at (310) 645-4444.