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Preventive Medicine

Dr. Yoo has developed the 5 Stages of Preventive Medicine, a preventive medicine plan that enhances your pet’s quality of life, extends their life expectancy, and prevents the stress and cost related to various diseases and conditions. Read on to learn about each of the 5 Stages of Preventive Medicine and how it can benefit your companion.

Proactive Wellness Care

Vaccinations are a vital part in maintaining your pet’s health. The right vaccinations will prevent your pet from contracting highly contagious diseases that are easily spread between pets. When creating a custom vaccination plan, we always consider his or her lifestyle. Our veterinarians will review factors such as whether your pet primarily spends time indoors or outdoors, if he or she will be boarding in the near future, or if he or she is in direct contact with other pets at the pet park or groomer.


At each exam, we will review your pet’s nutrition history to make sure they have not gained or lost a significant amount of weight, since this could indicate an underlying health issue. We will discuss your pet’s eating habits to make sure they are getting the right amount of vitamins and nutrients. We will also review your pet’s play and exercise routine to ensure that your pet is getting an adequate amount of physical activity.

Parasite Prevention

Each year we will perform a fecal examination to ensure that your pet is free of parasites to protect your pet and your loved ones. We can provide recommendations and offer safe, effective preventive treatments for diseases like heartworm and ticks and fleas.

Dental Hygiene

Our veterinarians will discuss the importance of dental care for your pet. In addition to regular professional dental cleanings, we recommend consistent at-home care to keep your pet's teeth and gums healthy. During the dental evaluation, we will inspect your pet’s teeth and gums for tartar, plaque, tooth decay, infections, and signs of tooth weakness.

Behavioral Medicine

Behavioral issues can be frustrating, but together we can find the solutions that are best for your pet. We will sit down with you for a professional consultation to rule out any possible underlying medical conditions and find the cause of your pet’s behavioral issues.