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Small Mammal Care

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Don’t wait until there are signs of illness to schedule wellness exam for your rabbit or pocket pet! Annual wellness exams give us the opportunity to ensure that your pet is healthy and establishes a baseline record of your pet’s health. For some varieties of pocket pets, we may recommend and discuss options for vaccinations. Your pet’s exam is also a perfect time to talk with us about all of your questions and concerns regarding your rabbit or pocket pet.

If you have acquired a rabbit or pocket pet, we recommend that you bring your new pet to see us within one to two weeks after purchase. This allows us to review their current health condition and discuss tips for proper care. Make sure to feed your pet the same food you were given at the time of purchase, and we can discuss your pet's future nutritional needs during your first visit.

During the wellness exam, your pet will receive:

  • A comprehensive physical exam
  • Thorough diet history and evaluation
  • Dental examination and dental care as needed
  • Diagnostic tests as needed

For more information about wellness care for rabbits and pocket pets, call us today at (310) 645-4444.