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Avian Care

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Although a bird’s anatomy and physiology is different from dogs and cats, they still require annual wellness exams to assure that they bird has a clean bill of health. Avian wellness exams from Westchester Veterinary Center allow us to look for signs of potential health issues and give you an opportunity to address any concerns and ask us questions about your bird’s health.

Like other pets, birds can become sick from time to time. Bringing your pet bird in for their annual wellness exam gives us the opportunity to discuss signs of illness to be aware of and what to do in the event of a serious illness or injury. If you notice any signs of illness in your pet, please contact us right away. Our veterinarians and staff are highly skilled at treating and caring for avian and exotic pets and are pleased to be able to offer care and guidance.

For more information about avian emergencies, please visit our exotic pets emergency page.